Mark A. Jeske

  • Photos, Early Milwaukee Parks

    Photos, Early Milwaukee Parks

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  • Early Milwaukee Parks

    Early Milwaukee Parks

    Cities need parks. The more densely packed the center city, the more necessary are some oases of green. Urban parks are called the city’s lungs, the gardens of the poor. They provide space for refreshment of the spirit and an egalitarian gathering place for human connection. Milwaukee County is known around the country for its…

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  • A Few Notes On Engravings

    A Few Notes On Engravings

    People love pictures. Most people love pictures more than print, and so the early guidebooks and promotional pieces that Milwaukee bookshops produced were lavishly illustrated. One thing you will notice, however, is that the books of the 19th century used engravings more than actual photographs. So did businesses when they sought to develop their trademark image…

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