Photo Restoration

Old family photos were sorted out and some were picked for restoration and framing. To begin the restoration process, photographs were scanned at a high resolution capturing a digital image file which could then be transferred to a computer for manipulation by software that is designed expressly for photo processing. From here the restoration and retouching artfully takes place by hand. Below are some before and after examples.

Click on photos for closer look.

Original scan on left. Artistic addition to upper torso added. Color was added to figure and a gradated background finished up the restoration from a stark black and white to a warm-toned presentation.

Original scan of old copper plate on left. Labor intensive resotration and recreation follows.
Color was added producting a sepia effect.

Original scan on left. Background completely removed. Color was added to figure and a custom background was added by hand creating a unique overall appearance.

Original scan on left. After retouching photo, the size was increased and the border and photographers
studio logo was added.

Original scan of 1″ tin-type on left. Addition to upper torso was needed to accomodate an oval frame. Aged background’s “crackled” appearance was preserved.